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Bmw ICOM NEXT Plus Lenovo laptop with ISPI Software 2017-08 win7

Bmw ICOM NEXT Plus Lenovo laptop with ISPI Software 2017-08 win7

2017-08 win7 64 Bit OS, ready to work, diagnostic and offline programming, IBM X61 Tablet, IBM X201 Tablet and Lenovo E49 PC

$615.00 tax incl.

$735.00 tax incl.

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    (1 year, one Year for from the date equipment arrival Free repair and maintenance service within one year Free technical support by internet online or via phone. )

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    Main Unit for Equipment 1 year warrnaty
    Machine peripheral equipments and cables No warranty
    Car diagnostic laptop 3 months
    Data Hard Disk No warranty
    Car software No warranty
    Consumables No warranty

    Restrictions!!! There will be no free warranty service:

    if you damage device while doing device firmware updates incorectly;

    if you damage device while using it wrong (example if you connect diagnostic device to car while it is connected to external battery charger and etc.);

    if you damage warranty seals on the device housing; if you damage device with while using non proper power source (external power supply);

    if you damage device physically (drop, hit or etc.);

    if you damage device with watter spill or other liquid;

    if you damage device while using it with non proper cables and adapters or other accessories;

    if you damage device while using wrong cable not suitable for specific car;

    if you damage device while using it in conditions not compatible with conditions described in device user manual instructions.

    • Weight 7 KG
    • Version 2017-08
    • Upgrade Yes, send back HDD and charge update fee
    • Tool Box NO
    • Tech Support YES
    • HDD GB 320/256GB

    1pc x  iCOM Next Interface

    1pc x  OBDII Cable

    1pc x  Lan Cable

    1pc x  20Pin Cable

    1pc x  Fiber Adapter

    1pc x  USB Cable

    1pc x  Lenovo E49 pc or IBM X61T Tablet or IBM X201T Tablet

    1pc x  Laptop power charger

    ICOM NEXT Plus Lenovo laptop with ISPI Software 2017-08 win7System

    ICOM NEXT Plus Lenovo laptop 2017-08, Win7 32 Bits OS which is ready to work, it is a latest Generation Diagnostic Head For Cars BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model ICOM (A) Can Replace BMW ICOM A2.

    We can offer Lenovo E49, IBM X201T and IBM X61T in this order, you can choose the one you need .

    And we offer software HDD 320GB and SSD 256GB.

    Software Details:

    BMW ICOM ISPI Software 2017-08 ( ISTAD 4.06.31 ITSAP  ) is released today, we install the software based on Win7 64 bit OS. All software works perfect and fast.

    BMW ICOM ISPI Software 2017-8 version
    BMW ICOM ISPI Software 2017-8 version
    BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.06.31
    BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.06.31

    Software includes: ISTA/D for diagnostic, ISTA/P for programming, Itoolradar for checking interface status and Teamviewer for remote help.

    Attention: We only offer technology support for these 4 software, not help to work with others, thanks.

    Vehicle List in ISTA/D: Cars, Mini, Motorcycles, Rolls Royce, BMW i Series,BMW Compagna Motors

    ISTA/P: BMW / BMW Motorcycle / BMW i / BMW Mini / Rolls-Royce / BMW UX

    Diagnose picture show:

    BMW ICOM NEXT ISPI System ISTA-Diagnose
    BMW ICOM NEXT ISPI System ISTA-Diagnose
    BMW ICOM ISTA-Diagnostic
    BMW ICOM ISTA-Diagnostic
    BMW ISTA-D car information
    BMW ISTA-D car information

    BMW ISTA/D (Wiring diagram) Languages:
    Default language is British English in both ISTA-D and ISTA-P, but you can also choose the extra languages in ISTA-D (with full repair article and Wiring diagram).Need to pay extra 50USD to select other language.

    Addtional software: We can also add BMW ICOM Expert mode extra (Enginner mode for single module programming), it is 99USD, you can check here: BMW ICOM Expert mode

    BMW ISPI Programming with expert mode
    BMW ISPI Programming with expert mode
    BMW expert mode ICOM programming
    BMW expert mode ICOM programming
    BMW ISTA-P expert mode
    BMW ISTA-P expert mode
    BMW Expert mode for programming
    BMW Expert mode for programming

    It is on 320GB HDD and 256GB SSD, can fit all laptops which accept 2.5 inch SATA HDD.You can choose the one you need, SSD runs faster than HDD.

    Requirements of the laptops for this ICOM HDD/SSD:

    Make sure your laptop CPU at least i3/i5, and the RAM should be 4G or above, to ensure the software run moothly, if your laptop can not reach this configuration, the software will be not able to run.


    ICOM NEXT A+B+C Diadnostic Head Overview?

    - Functionally compatible to ICOM A2
    - Mechanical design similar ICOM A2
    - Backwards compatible to car adapters (ICOM B, C) and motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E)


    • Zeroization of data on tamper detection
    • Secure supply chain assurance
    • Key storage using physically un-clonable function
    • CRI Pass-Through DPA Patent Portfolio
    • Advanced cryptographic Services

    Improved Functionality and Performance:

    1. Gbit workshop LAN,backwards compatible
    2. Preparation for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD(cars do not yet supportthis and interface not yet defined,ICOM Next hardware adaptation will be necessary for future Gbit car interface,will cause adaptation costs)
    3. Faster start-up times and high throughput
    4. Through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
    5. Improved handling
    6. More flexible OBD cable
    7. Lighted button for logs etc

    ICOM NEXT interface
    ICOM NEXT interface

    Laptop we offer:

    Lenovo E49 PC: Refurbished, 4G RAM, i5 CPU

    Lenovo E49 laptop
    Lenovo E49 laptop

    IBM X201T laptop: Refurbished, 4G RAM, i7 CPU, Touchscreen by pen

    IBM X201 Tablet
    IBM X201 Tablet

    Lenovo X61t Laptop: Touscreen by pen, 4G RAM, i5 CPU, Refurbished

    Lenovo X61T Laptop
    Lenovo X61T Laptop


    Package List:

    1pc x iCOM Next Interface
    1pc x OBDII Cable
    1pc x Lan Cable
    1pc x 20Pin Cable
    1pc x Fiber Adapter
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x Refurbished Laptop
    1pc x Laptop power charger

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    Nisa V.
    Comment :
    SSD runs faster, recommend to choose SSD , Good service

    Model :
    Bmw ICOM NEXT Plus Lenovo laptop with ISPI Software 2017-08 win7

    Date :

    Reply Nisa V:

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